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Featured EBC Cyclist: Betty Trueba

L: EBC 2009 President Betty Trueba,
R: Vice-President Alba Vazquez

File this article in the PEOPLE WHO MATTER A LOT TO EBC folder.  Betty is one of those people that we can count ourselves as fortunate that we had her leading the club.  She had a great run. She was Secretary in 2007, Vice-President in 2008, served as President in 2009, and she remained on the board in 2010 as Past-President.  That’s four straight years of solid leadership, expertise, dedication, energy and good judgment.  There were so many accomplishments, innovations and improvements during those years.  Along with the indispensable contributions from her fellow board members, Betty had longevity which allowed her to guide projects and club events through those four years, and beyond.

Remember back to the year 2007.  We were all getting used to communicating by email, and visiting websites for information and entertainment.  Her vision was to move the club communications into the future with email blasts, an online newsletter in PDF format, and the creation of our Facebook page.  This was revolutionary, and it is still evolving today as we all depend on our smart phones to keep updated.  We take it all for granted now, but it was Betty and her colleagues that ushered in this new era of digital communications for our club.

She also saw increased interest in road cycling, partially due to the success of Lance Armstrong in the 2000’s.  More people riding bikes led to larger club rides
and the beginnings of our larger scope of advocacy efforts.  Events had to be better organized, with more volunteers and sponsors.The EBC has a proud tradition of staging our two big rides of the year, but suddenly there are 1,000 people signing up for these rides!   Bicycling advocacy is also one of our proud traditions, and EBC became the voice for thousands of new cyclists.  These remain core issues for our club today.

Let’s take this story back to the beginning.  Betty left Cuba when she was 1 ½ years old, spent five years in Puerto Rico and finally settled in Miami.  Like many new immigrants in Miami, the family’s efforts were focused on re-establishing their home in a strange new city, her mother and grandfather finding work, and educating their children.  Betty grew up in Westchester.  Riding a bike as a child was a fun activity and a way to spend time with her friends.  She met her husband Carlos in 1979 through a mutual friend, longtime EBC member Tony Jacomino.  Carlos is also an avid cyclist who served as Treasurer in 2012.  They have two grown children Nicole and Valerie, and two English Bulldogs Junior and Mimi.  

In 2001 Betty wanted to introduce more exercise into her life, so she trained for and participated in four triathlons.  After a few unpleasant experiences during the chaotic mass swim start, she decided that road cycling was much more appealing.  Since then, she has participated in countless Century rides, bicycling vacations and out of town bike events such as La Vuelta Puerto Rico, 3 Gap in Georgia and the Bon Ton Roulet in New York.  She rode for the last five years with Team Sindicato and now rides with friends and also 550 Riders.  She is a very strong cyclist, which is the result of her riding four days and over 175 miles a week.  You get out of it what you put into it!

We thank you, Betty for your many years of leadership, dedication and commitment to the ideals of the Everglade Bicycle Club.  May all the wind be at your back, and all raindrops dodgeable!

-- Gregory A. Neville

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