EBC MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Saul & David Abusiewiez

06 Jan 2014 12:14 AM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)

Featured EBC Cyclist: Saul & David Abusiewiez

Saul and his son David have been fixtures on the local road cycling scene for many years.  You will see Saul and David out there on the roads riding with many different groups, most notably on our Sunday ride from Ponce Middle School to Miami Beach and back.  They are both residents of Miami Beach, so they arise in the morning extra early, ride to Ponce Middle, and then ride with the group back to Miami Beach.  Saul is a strong rider, frequently taking his turns at the front of the paceline.  David, now 18, is on another level altogether.  He is a top ranked age group racer in the State of Florida.  This is about a father and son sharing a passion for cycling together.

You may have heard the story that when a man has a son, he puts a baseball glove in the crib and hopes something good will happen.  As a father of two sports minded sons myself, it was always about introducing them to sports as a way to a lifetime of fun and fitness.  Sports are where one develops a sense of fair play, community, commitment and working hard to accomplish a goal.  You realize the value of teamwork, attention to detail, and that there are no cutting corners.  These are important lessons in life.  Like any good dad, Saul was opening doors for his son, and the door that stayed wide open was cycling.

David began bicycling just like any normal kid riding around the neighborhood.  When Saul brought him along to the monthly Community Bike Ride in Miami Beach, he was hooked.  He quickly found out that he enjoyed the sport and he was good at it.  Saul signed him up as an EBC member when he was nine years old.  They went on group rides together with David riding on a miniature Bianchi road bike with 24” wheels.  On two wheels, David was mature beyond his years and other riders welcomed him along.
He recalls EBC members Alex Figuerido, Mike Hines and Joe Wascura showing interest and helping him develop his riding skills.  In the beginning he struggled to keep up, but soon enough he was riding along with the group effortlessly.  As his skills, strength and endurance developed with age, David began his career as a competitive youth bicycle racer.

Although bicycle racing isn’t as ubiquitous as little league baseball, there were junior circuit races that he and Saul eventually found to participate in Florida.  It started with a friend encouraging him to join in a two day race in Homestead, and his results were good enough to be recruited by a team.  After many races throughout Florida, he became the top ranked 17-18 year old in the USA Cycling Florida circuit, and he also participated in the Junior Nationals in Augusta, Georgia.  He currently races for the LC Trainsmart – Burger Fi team, coached by Leo Contreras.  For anyone who has ridden with David in a Saturday morning group ride has witnessed his speed when he decides to strike out on his own or with a few other racers and quickly disappears in the horizon. 
It’s not easy training to be a bicycle racer when you are also an honors high school student at Miami Beach High.  Education has always been the top priority, but David would fit in early afternoon rides before dinner with the family and homework. When not racing or training with the team, weekends are for group rides with Saul.
David will be heading to Gainesville in August to attend the University of Florida, majoring in Finance.
UF has a collegiate team in the SEC Cycling Conference that he plans to participate in.  There will be races at member schools such as Florida State and Tennessee.  More competitive than age group racing, he feels that the junior circuit experience will help pave the way to success at the collegiate level.  Of course, academic success remains first and foremost, but those miles and miles of country roads and rolling hills will be beckoning.  His long term goals in life will always include bicycling, and hopefully to continue racing as often as possible.
We wish David the very best as he enters the University of Florida and starts working toward his academic degree.  We will miss you on our rides, even though most of us can’t keep up with you anymore!  Proud parents Saul and Mary Ann will be making the drive up to Gainesville more frequently and hopefully catch a few races.   We’ll all be looking forward to Saul’s updates on the Ponce Sunday ride.

-- Gregory A. Neville


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    David is better known by his nickname "little shit", feel free to use it please :)
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