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Weekly SATURDAY Training Rides

Sticky Buns, Holiday Bike Drive
Tour de Force, Autism Ride,
Freedom Coast Ride

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Upcoming events

    • 22 Apr 2023
    • 11 May 2024
    • 16 sessions

    Saturday Training Ride to Black Point Marina

    Ride with GPS Route Here

    Pedals up at 7:30 from Ponce De Leon Middle School

    Pace Group 17-19mph: Will ride full 33 miles. 

    Pace Group 14-16mph: will ride to Deering Estates, 20 miles.

    This Ride is a staple of EBC!

    • 06 May 2023
    • 06 Apr 2024
    • 13 sessions

    Saturday Training Ride to Key Biscayne

    Pedals up at 7:30 from Ponce De Leon Middle School

    Ride with GPS Route Here

    Going into KB, it is common to separate at the Rickenbacker Brige.  We will regroup at the entrance to the Seaquarium, and then stop for 10-15 minutes at the 7-Eleven once reaching the Key proper.  Regroup (if necessary) in Virginia Key.  After exiting the Key, we regroup on Commodore Trail (road in front of Alice Wainwright Park).

    Pace Group 17-19mph: Will ride full 31 miles. 

    Pace Group 14-16mph: Turn-around in underpass before Rickenbacker Bridge (18 miles).

    • 20 May 2023
    • 18 May 2024
    • 14 sessions

    Saturday Training Ride to Cauley Square

    This week, EBC goes to Cauley Square and back from Ponce de Leon Middle School, for a 47 mile round-trip.  Pedals up at 7:30am, return by 10:45am.

    Cauley Square is legendary, and a beautiful South Florida historical site.

    We arrive at Cauley Square, our first and only stop, at mile 26.  At 
    "The Latin Corner" food stand, there is coffee, refreshments, snacks, and a restroom.  We will stop for approximately 15 minutes, no more.  Please make sure to bring enough fuel to last 26 miles.  In the hot months (which are all the months!), make sure to bring more hydration than you think you should.   The ride is scenic, and challenging, a great "Week 3" ride before the "Long Ride" on Week 4. 

    Those that do not want (or can't) ride the full route, have the opportunity to continue straight on 87th Avenue to Black Point Marina, while EBC turns right on 216th street to Cauley Square.  Those that elect not to go to Cauley Square do so on their own accord, as Black Point Marina is not an official EBC destination for this route. 

    Route Map:

    Pace Group 17-19mph: Will ride the full 47 miles.

    Pace Group 14-16mph: will ride to Deering Estate, 20 miles.

    • 27 May 2023
    • 25 May 2024
    • 14 sessions

    Saturday Training Ride to Homestead Bayfront Park

    Pedals up at 7:30 from Ponce De Leon Middle School

    Route Here:

    Pace Group 17-19mph: Will ride full 57 miles. 

    Pace Group 14-16mph: To Deering Estates, 20 miles.


Carole Sheets

Carole has been an Everglades Bicycle Club member since 1991.

You might say she's an old-timer but looks are certainly deceiving!

She's one of a handful of members who can claim 30+ years of affiliation with EBC  who still rides regularly with the Club.

If you know Carole, you know she is passionate about a few things in particular:   children, charity, volunteering, working hard, and cycling.

Once a volleyball star in college, a serious Achilles injury sidelined her from forever playing again.  Fortunately, it didn't stop her from pursuing cycling as her forever sport.

In 2014, Carole teamed up with EBC member Sue Kawalerski to create a new "signature" club ride, The Freedom Ride, an  inclusive ride which featured disabled cyclists using handcycles & other adaptive equipment and benefitted Achilles International's Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans.  The ride was extremely successful and spawned another three rides before ending its course.

Carole has served on the EBC Board of Directors for several terms as Club Treasurer and continues on the board as a Director.  Thank Carole for her service next time you see her!

Blast from the Past - FREEDOM RIDE 2014


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