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  • 06 Jan 2014 12:17 AM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)

    Featured EBC Cyclist: Tom Burton

    Longtime EBC member and tireless advocate for local cycling issues, Tom Burton is a tremendous asset to our club.  His love for bicycling is contagious and he freely shares his knowledge and enthusiasm as one of our best ride leaders.  Every new riders should have the opportunity to ride with Tom.

    His other contributions include working behind the scenes creating our Snowbird and Speedway ride courses, marking them for event day and even going out to sweep rocks off the street to enhance the safety of all riders.  Today, Tom continues to ride 3-4 days a week, always in his trademark bright yellow kits or EBC Retro jersey.  He also attends advocacy meetings and is an active with improving the trail system in Miami-Dade County through organizing rides and working with planning groups.

    Here is an article featuring Tom, written by former EBC President Betty Trueba and published in the March 2008 EBC Echo newsletter, presented here with some minor updates.

    Rides 100 miles on the Key Biscayne bridge for fun!

    You might have seen him wearing his signature bright yellow riding ensemble riding on US1 on his way to Ponce Middle School, or having a picnic in a park with a wide array of snacks he keeps in his bike bag. . . But you can always bet you’ll see Tom Burton with a smile on his face and a bright disposition, even on the cloudiest of days.
    For 25 years Tom was a pilot for Eastern Airlines flying mostly to eastcoast cities and the Carribean in the 727, DC-9,757, L-1011, and A-300. When Eastern closed its doors in 1991, he became a pilot for United and flew the 727, 737, 757, 767, 777, and A-320 flying to South America and western U. S. cities. He retired in 2004 at age 60.

    He began running in 1958 on the junior high track team and continued running through high school and college. He began serious cycling in 1987 when a friend gave him a road bike and became an EBC member in 1993. In 1994, he bought a 20" wheel foldable Bike Friday which he used in cities where he flew with United.

    After riding in Denver, Colorado, a city with 600 miles of paved paths and bike lanes, he realized how lacking bicycle facilities were in Miami-Dade County. He became interested in improving the cycling conditions in our area with less than 200 miles of paved paths and lanes.

    His first 100 mile ride was the 1991 EBC Skip Jarrett Memorial Century. He took up swimming in 1996 and completed his first of several triathlons in 1997 and in 2001 finished an Ironman.

    Tom has chaired the 2006 Snowbird & Speedway Century rides and in February 2008, he hosted the first annual Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Fat Tire Ride and served on the EBC Bicycle Advocacy Committee. His longest ride is a 160 miles roundtrip to Flamingo (Belly of the Beast) and his highest ride is Mt. Evans in Colorado at 14,200 feet. He also completed the Six Gap Century in Georgia in September 2008 with 10,000 feet of climbing.

    Together with his wife, Linda of 41 years, Tom lives near the Falls and spends 2 to 3 days a week riding his fat slick tire 29er mountain bike on the paved and unpaved roads of Miami-Dade County.

    Tom is an EBC Certified Ride Leader Trainer for the past 2 years.   A cyclist, a safe rider, an advocate for bike trails and the everglades, and a friend that we hope to be cycling with for many years to come!  We love you Tom!
  • 06 Jan 2014 12:14 AM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)

    Featured EBC Cyclist: Saul & David Abusiewiez

    Saul and his son David have been fixtures on the local road cycling scene for many years.  You will see Saul and David out there on the roads riding with many different groups, most notably on our Sunday ride from Ponce Middle School to Miami Beach and back.  They are both residents of Miami Beach, so they arise in the morning extra early, ride to Ponce Middle, and then ride with the group back to Miami Beach.  Saul is a strong rider, frequently taking his turns at the front of the paceline.  David, now 18, is on another level altogether.  He is a top ranked age group racer in the State of Florida.  This is about a father and son sharing a passion for cycling together.

    You may have heard the story that when a man has a son, he puts a baseball glove in the crib and hopes something good will happen.  As a father of two sports minded sons myself, it was always about introducing them to sports as a way to a lifetime of fun and fitness.  Sports are where one develops a sense of fair play, community, commitment and working hard to accomplish a goal.  You realize the value of teamwork, attention to detail, and that there are no cutting corners.  These are important lessons in life.  Like any good dad, Saul was opening doors for his son, and the door that stayed wide open was cycling.

    David began bicycling just like any normal kid riding around the neighborhood.  When Saul brought him along to the monthly Community Bike Ride in Miami Beach, he was hooked.  He quickly found out that he enjoyed the sport and he was good at it.  Saul signed him up as an EBC member when he was nine years old.  They went on group rides together with David riding on a miniature Bianchi road bike with 24” wheels.  On two wheels, David was mature beyond his years and other riders welcomed him along.
    He recalls EBC members Alex Figuerido, Mike Hines and Joe Wascura showing interest and helping him develop his riding skills.  In the beginning he struggled to keep up, but soon enough he was riding along with the group effortlessly.  As his skills, strength and endurance developed with age, David began his career as a competitive youth bicycle racer.

    Although bicycle racing isn’t as ubiquitous as little league baseball, there were junior circuit races that he and Saul eventually found to participate in Florida.  It started with a friend encouraging him to join in a two day race in Homestead, and his results were good enough to be recruited by a team.  After many races throughout Florida, he became the top ranked 17-18 year old in the USA Cycling Florida circuit, and he also participated in the Junior Nationals in Augusta, Georgia.  He currently races for the LC Trainsmart – Burger Fi team, coached by Leo Contreras.  For anyone who has ridden with David in a Saturday morning group ride has witnessed his speed when he decides to strike out on his own or with a few other racers and quickly disappears in the horizon. 
    It’s not easy training to be a bicycle racer when you are also an honors high school student at Miami Beach High.  Education has always been the top priority, but David would fit in early afternoon rides before dinner with the family and homework. When not racing or training with the team, weekends are for group rides with Saul.
    David will be heading to Gainesville in August to attend the University of Florida, majoring in Finance.
    UF has a collegiate team in the SEC Cycling Conference that he plans to participate in.  There will be races at member schools such as Florida State and Tennessee.  More competitive than age group racing, he feels that the junior circuit experience will help pave the way to success at the collegiate level.  Of course, academic success remains first and foremost, but those miles and miles of country roads and rolling hills will be beckoning.  His long term goals in life will always include bicycling, and hopefully to continue racing as often as possible.
    We wish David the very best as he enters the University of Florida and starts working toward his academic degree.  We will miss you on our rides, even though most of us can’t keep up with you anymore!  Proud parents Saul and Mary Ann will be making the drive up to Gainesville more frequently and hopefully catch a few races.   We’ll all be looking forward to Saul’s updates on the Ponce Sunday ride.

    -- Gregory A. Neville
  • 06 Jan 2014 12:12 AM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)


    Toby Waksman skillfully MC’s the raffle at the 2013 Speedway Century

    This month’s “it” girl is out there folks!  She’s the one everyone is talking about and everybody knows who she is.  She’s Toby Waksman, and she’s made a name for herself for the spectacular job she did as the Volunteer Coordinator, the Emcee of the raffle, and the fundraiser extraordinaire for the EBC Speedway Century ride.  What you saw was someone who let her personality shine through as she entertained the crowd raffling prizes.  What you didn’t see are the countless hours of organizing, scheduling volunteers, recruiting sponsors and collecting the thousands of dollars of gifts that were given away that day.
    Toby told me that she has always been just one of the riders and she had no idea of the effort to stage a big event like the Speedway.  She clearly didn’t know what she was getting into, but she came through when it counted most.  Although it was a lot of work, she felt rewarded and fulfilled after receiving so many positive remarks about the ride.  Just like riding in the peloton, it’s so much better working together as a team!

    Her commitment to the event all began with a chance meeting with PATCHES founder Kyle Smith, who Toby first met years ago in nursing school.  She and friend and fellow cyclist Dennis Phipps ran into Ms. Smith at lunch in Homestead one day that resulted in a tour of the PATCHES facility.  This meeting made such an impact that
    they were brought to tears by the desperation and hardship of the children and families that PATCHES has dedicated itself to helping.  She decided that she must do something to raise awareness of their good work and, even better to find a way to help them financially.  Being involved in a fund raising bike ride seemed to be a natural fit.
    Toby acknowledges her gratitude for all the volunteers who put in such hard work, and those who lent their advice and guidance, especially Co-chairs Art Lieberman and Rafael Acosta, Dennis Phipps and EBC event organizing expert Mary Beth Garcia.
    So who is Toby Waksman you ask?  She’s a Miami girl born and raised and a graduate of Killian High.  She started bicycling about five years ago when she was looking for friendship and social connections after coming out of a long term relationship.  Her first foray was through Google of course!  A search for bicycle meet ups led her to a little group called the Cutler Bay Bicycle Club and she bought a hybrid to ride around with them.  Soon enough she upgraded to a road bike when she wanted to get more serious about the sport and she fell in with Team StormRiders.  Today she still rides with TSR but also with Team Jama, 550 Riderz, Rose Bandits and a loose knit group of friends who just might want to take off for Key Largo if they feel like it.  She rides our Speedway and Snowbird rides, the Key West Ride, Mt. Dora, Sebring, the MS rides, Kid’s In Distress and the Frank Stark Ride in Boca, among others.  She has become a very strong rider who logs in around 160 miles a week.  One of these days we’ll get her in an EBC jersey!
    Speaking of EBC, she loves the club for what we do for cyclists everywhere.  She has been a member for two years and she is aware that our activities and events enrich our cycling lives.  We all choose our own ways to be involved in the club, some on our Saturday rides, some develop smaller crews and organize rides, some get involved with our club leadership, and some like Toby give us their time and considerable efforts to help present one of our events.  It’s all good and we are very fortunate to have her and all the volunteers for each event!  Thanks, Toby!

    -- Gregory A. Neville

  • 05 Jan 2014 11:52 PM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)

    Featured EBC Cyclist: Betty Trueba

    L: EBC 2009 President Betty Trueba,
    R: Vice-President Alba Vazquez

    File this article in the PEOPLE WHO MATTER A LOT TO EBC folder.  Betty is one of those people that we can count ourselves as fortunate that we had her leading the club.  She had a great run. She was Secretary in 2007, Vice-President in 2008, served as President in 2009, and she remained on the board in 2010 as Past-President.  That’s four straight years of solid leadership, expertise, dedication, energy and good judgment.  There were so many accomplishments, innovations and improvements during those years.  Along with the indispensable contributions from her fellow board members, Betty had longevity which allowed her to guide projects and club events through those four years, and beyond.

    Remember back to the year 2007.  We were all getting used to communicating by email, and visiting websites for information and entertainment.  Her vision was to move the club communications into the future with email blasts, an online newsletter in PDF format, and the creation of our Facebook page.  This was revolutionary, and it is still evolving today as we all depend on our smart phones to keep updated.  We take it all for granted now, but it was Betty and her colleagues that ushered in this new era of digital communications for our club.

    She also saw increased interest in road cycling, partially due to the success of Lance Armstrong in the 2000’s.  More people riding bikes led to larger club rides
    and the beginnings of our larger scope of advocacy efforts.  Events had to be better organized, with more volunteers and sponsors.The EBC has a proud tradition of staging our two big rides of the year, but suddenly there are 1,000 people signing up for these rides!   Bicycling advocacy is also one of our proud traditions, and EBC became the voice for thousands of new cyclists.  These remain core issues for our club today.

    Let’s take this story back to the beginning.  Betty left Cuba when she was 1 ½ years old, spent five years in Puerto Rico and finally settled in Miami.  Like many new immigrants in Miami, the family’s efforts were focused on re-establishing their home in a strange new city, her mother and grandfather finding work, and educating their children.  Betty grew up in Westchester.  Riding a bike as a child was a fun activity and a way to spend time with her friends.  She met her husband Carlos in 1979 through a mutual friend, longtime EBC member Tony Jacomino.  Carlos is also an avid cyclist who served as Treasurer in 2012.  They have two grown children Nicole and Valerie, and two English Bulldogs Junior and Mimi.  

    In 2001 Betty wanted to introduce more exercise into her life, so she trained for and participated in four triathlons.  After a few unpleasant experiences during the chaotic mass swim start, she decided that road cycling was much more appealing.  Since then, she has participated in countless Century rides, bicycling vacations and out of town bike events such as La Vuelta Puerto Rico, 3 Gap in Georgia and the Bon Ton Roulet in New York.  She rode for the last five years with Team Sindicato and now rides with friends and also 550 Riders.  She is a very strong cyclist, which is the result of her riding four days and over 175 miles a week.  You get out of it what you put into it!

    We thank you, Betty for your many years of leadership, dedication and commitment to the ideals of the Everglade Bicycle Club.  May all the wind be at your back, and all raindrops dodgeable!

    -- Gregory A. Neville

  • 05 Jan 2014 11:42 PM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)

    Featured EBC Cyclist: Carmen Hiers and Maria Boza

    L: EBC Member since 2012, Maria Boza
    EBC Member since 2011, Carmen Hiers

    This month’s Member Profile puts the spotlight on not one, but two members!  Their stories are very similar and they are a testament to our Saturday morning leader-led ride program.  Both Carmen and Maria were seeking exercise and social connections.  They started off learning group riding skills and bicycle safety in the 14-16 mph group.  Before long they were participating in the 16-18 group going on longer rides as well as increased speed.  Both Carmen and Maria have worked hard at their cycling, picking up other rides during the week such as our Sunday ride from Ponce Middle to Miami Beach, and the Tuesday/Thursday morning Granada to Key Biscayne ride.  They each recently “graduated” to the 18-21 Saturday morning rides, seeking even more of a challenge.  Their story may be similar to yours, or it could be your story in the near future.  I sat down and had a lively conversation with Maria and Carmen after a recent Saturday morning EBC ride.
    GREG: What do you do for a living?
    CARMEN: I have my own business called TransForma Translation Services, but I was involved in public relations for 20 years of my working life.
    MARIA: I’m in pharmaceutical sales for a company called Sanofi.
    GREG: Were you involved in any other sports?
    MARIA: Growing up, not really too much, but in recent years I have competed in six half-marathons.  The training has really helped me improve my endurance on the bike!
    CARMEN: I was never involved in sports. 
    GREG: When did you start riding a bike?  When did you pick up road cycling?
    CARMEN: I biked a lot when I was a kid and a teenager.  I loved it!  But then you get busy with life.  I decided to start road cycling in September 2011.
    MARIA: Same here.  Plus I biked around a lot when my kids were small with a bike I got from Sports Authority.  I started road cycling in January 2012.
    GREG:  When did you join EBC and why?
    MARIA:  When I went riding with my kids, I discovered that I really missed it!  So I was looking for ways to get back into it.  I joined EBC so I could learn more about bicycling technique and go on organized weekly rides.
    CARMEN: I missed it too!  It seemed like a good way to get some exercise outdoors in our nice weather.  I also wanted to meet people and make new friends.  When I picked up road cycling I joined EBC.
    GREG: Tell us about your Saturday morning ride experience and your other rides.
    CARMEN:  I started with the 14-16 group trying to learn how to ride in big groups and seeing how far I could go.  The ride leaders were always good to me, trying to teach me things.  Pretty soon I was joining the 16-18 group as I started feeling more confident.  The only big organized ride I’ve done is the 2012 Snowbird.
    MARIA: Carmen and I met in the 14-16 group.  I even rode a few times with the 12-14 beginners group to make sure I got a handle on things.  Each step up had its own challenges with speed getting faster and the distances longer.  I have participated in the Gran Fondo and the Dolphin Challenge.

    GREG: Did you have any setbacks in your development as a rider?  Carmen, I remember your switch from running shoes to road cycling shoes and the problems you were having.
    CARMEN: Yes! I rode with running shoes for a long time, but everybody was telling me to get the bicycling shoes.  I had so much trouble adapting to clipping out when stopping and I fell a few times.  That’s really embarrassing.
    GREG: Yeah, but it happens to everyone.  You stuck with the clip in shoes, right?
    CARMEN: Yes, and I actually had to hire a coach to teach me the right way to do it.  I took a few weeks off the regular rides so I could learn and not be afraid of falling during a ride.  I’m glad I stuck with it.
    MARIA: When moving up to a faster group I worried about getting dropped, which I did a few times.  It’s how you learn to get faster, I guess.
    GREG: Oh yeah, I got dropped plenty of times.
    MARIA: It’s not fun, but it’s a big motivator.
    GREG: What has kept you involved in the sport and pushing you to improve?
    MARIA: It’s fun!
    CARMEN: I like to challenge myself.  And this is a challenge.
    GREG: Will you be doing any big organized rides this fall?
    MARIA: I’m going to Mt. Dora in October and I’m really looking forward to the Key West ride.
    CARMEN: I’m going to do the Key West ride in December.  I think I’ll be doing the Speedway Century.
    GREG: What are your goals in cycling? 
    CARMEN: To keep up with the fast guys and not get dropped!  If I can achieve that, my life will be complete!
    MARIA: That’s right!  We want to keep up with Juan, Arpad, Jim and the other fast guys!
    Why EBC?
    MARIA: I’m still learning on every ride.  The ride leaders are very good teachers.  They teach you about individual technique and things to do to be safer and a better cyclist.
    CARMEN: Friendships.  Everyone is very welcoming.  I have made so many good friends.
    GREG: Can you share any tips for new riders?
    MARIA: Be predictable when you are riding with a group.  People around you need to feel confident and be able to anticipate what you’re going to do.  Always be willing to learn from others.
    CARMEN: Don’t give up!  It takes practice to improve and it doesn’t happen overnight.  Don’t let fear stop you.  Riding with the group really helps with this.

    -- Gregory A. Neville
  • 20 Apr 2013 11:36 AM | Shannon Roque (Administrator)
    Florida Road Safety Week - The Geico Road Safety Bicycle Tour

    Congratulations to EBC Club President Xavier Falconi and MariaLuisa Hoover (With Michael Hoover running SAG) for riding from Orlando to Tallahassee last week for Bike Safety!!!!

    Xavier Falconi, EBC President and MariaLuisa Hoover, EBC Advocacy Committee member, and a team of 24 cyclists, took off on their bikes from Orlando on Monday, April 8th for their 4 day (100-125 miles per day) bike ride as part of the Gieco Road Safety Bicycle Tour. EBC Club Member and Artistic Designer, Michael Hoover joined them as part of the SAG team. They pulled into Tallahassee on Thursday afternoon and met with lawmakers about bike safety and stricter laws for drivers who hit cyclists all day on Friday. Thank you Xavier, MariaLouisa, Michael, Mickey Witte and Cristina de Molina Ramirez---Team Miami for all your efforts---your pedal strokes, commitment and voice representing our entire Cycling Community!

    Florida Safety Week
  • 04 Apr 2013 11:01 AM | Anonymous
    South Florida Represented in the 
    "Survive the Drive" GEICO Road Safety Bicycle Tour

    Our very own EBC president, Xavier Falconi was selected and will
     be representing Everglades Bicycle Club in the Geico Road Safety Bicycle Tour starting April 8 until April 11. Doing 100-125 miles per day, over the course of four days. The tour will take 17 Florida cyclists from Orlando to Tallahassee. Follow the team on tour on EBC Twitter and on Facebook, as they spread road safety awareness to all.

    Miami, Florida- April 5, 2013: South Florida Represented in the "Survive the Drive" GEICO Road Safety Bicycle Tour.

    Next week, April 8-11, marks the beginning of the 3rd Annual "Survive the Drive" GEICO Road Safety Bicycle Tour, organized by the Dori Slosberg Foundation in collaboration with the Florida State University Police Department.

    The purpose of the tour is to spread road safety awareness for all. Along the journey, the tour will make stops at major Florida colleges and universities to hold press conferences and road safety fairs to spread the word about driving, cycling, and pedestrian safety.

    Five South Florida cyclists were selected be a part of the seventeen person riding team. Dr. Michelina Witte, Founder of, Xavier Falconi, President of the Everglades Bicycle Club, Cristina Ramirez, Blogger at and Maria Luisa Hoover Director of the Miami Ride of Silence were selected as riders, and Michael Hoover Coordinator of the Miami Ride of Silence was selected as a crew member. All were chosen based on their commitment and local advocacy efforts for road safety.

    They will spread the word of their dedication to road safety by riding together from Orlando to Tallahassee equating to approximately 100-125 miles per day, over the course of four days. This is both a challenging and rewarding experience for these individuals due to their inspiring passion for keeping our roadways safe.

    "It saddens me that Florida is consistently ranked as the #1 state in the nation for pedestrians and cyclists hit by cars, with Miami-Dade consistently being ranked among the top three metropolitan areas for these types of tragic, and oftentimes fatal, crashes.” Says Mickey Witte. By being involved in road safety advocacy such as the GEICO ride we are able to bring awareness to issues that directly impact us as citizens as well as every other person in our community who wants to walk, bike or drive outside without fearing for their lives.”

    The road safety fairs held at each press conference stop along the way will involve several interactive activities including: crash test simulators, fittings for bicycle helmets, free safety gear, and informational booths distributing information about how to become more aware of the roadways while being a defensive driver.

    Press conferences held during the week will highlight prominent figures from the respective communities and universities and the state of Florida. There will also be several student representatives speaking about how roadway safety impacts their lives.

    The safety fairs and press events will be held at the following locations:

    Monday, April 8 - University of Central Florida
    Tuesday April 9 - University of South Florida
    Wednesday, April 10 - University of Florida
    Thursday, April 11 - Florida State University and Press Conference at The Steps of the Old Capitol (Noon)

    All events are free for all ages and open to the public.

    Special thanks go to the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the police departments at the Florida State University, University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida, as well as local agencies.

    For additional information please visit: “Like” The Dori Slosberg Foundation and the Florida Road Safety Week The GEICO Road Safety Bike Tour on Facebook. Follow @TheDSFoundation on Twitter. Visit the Geico Cycling Channel on YouTube.
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