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Effective January 19, 2022
Written & Produced by Gaspar Forteza, Sue Kawalerski, Peter Gorski, Robert Merlin

There is no question that riding a bike is among the most enjoyable, rewarding and healthiest of activities.
It is not without risk, however – and while it is impossible to guarantee safety in all circumstanses, it is important that we all follow certain guidelines to reduce that risk as much as possible.   

EBC follows Florida bicycle laws
even though many other local cycling groups might not.  Your Ride Leaders will always do their best to ensure the group stays safe, but the obligation to ride safely and follow all laws belongs to each and every individual cyclist.  In addition to Florida bicycle laws, we have prepared these EBC RULES OF THE ROAD specifically for our Saturday morning group training rides.  These RULES were created with the aim of maximizing safety, awareness, and fitness – in that order.

Starting January 2022, these RULES will be strictly enforced, and each member and participant is expected to follow them.  The RULES may be amended from time to time based on feedback and circumstances.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please speak with your Ride Leaders or contact the
EBC Board at